Guide on Black and White Portrait Photography 

If you’re looking to take beautiful black and white self-portraits, there are a few things to consider: lighting, framing, background, and expression. Black and white photography is a lot of fun—and it can help capture details in your subject that color photography misses. 

So let’s look at how to take great black and white photos that make stunning portraits. As with any form of art, it may not be easy, but your friends will be dying over your photos with some work!

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8 Tips for Stunning Black and White Portraits

How do you take a stunning black and white portrait of yourself? It’s easier than you think! In fact, with these 8 tips, you’ll be taking gorgeous black and white self-portraits in no time at all. 

Wear Color

Color can come from your clothing or props in a black and white portrait. If you’re wearing a colorful top, opt for simple black pants or vice versa. If you’re using a prop with solid colors, like flowers or fruit, try to keep other elements of your photo monochromatic. 

For example, if you want to include a bouquet of bright red roses in your black and white self-portrait, make sure everything else is black and white—the background behind you, your hair, and skin tone (if it isn’t already), etc.

Add Texture

It’s easy to capture a stunning black and white self-portrait on the phone today, but having it stand out requires thinking about additional factors. 

One of these is texture, making your photo feel more natural. Photograph yourself against a textured wall or at least from an angle that allows your hair or clothing to add some detail to your photograph. If you have natural waves in your hair, use them!

Overlap Body Parts

By overlapping body parts in your black and white self-portrait, you can draw attention to your strong points while minimizing other areas. When photographing your portrait, make sure that no one else is in your picture, or they’re very well hidden. 

This will help ensure that your photograph looks natural and not staged. Also, try to keep as much of your body out of frame as possible by cropping it out. 

Go Against The Norm

There’s a common misconception that taking a black and white portrait involves using harsh lighting. It isn’t necessarily true; take some time experimenting with different settings, including low lighting. 

To emphasize facial features, try positioning your subject, so they are backlit by natural light. The contrast of light against dark will create beautiful shadows on their face while also allowing you to play around with shutter speed if you use a DSLR camera.

Use Props

Props are one of photography’s most effective tricks, but it’s easy to forget them when taking pictures of yourself. To create an excellent black and white self-portrait, you need to know your environment: where is your background? Are there any objects you can use? What about pets or other people? 

Think about making a scene with props in front of your lens—it doesn’t have to be anything fancy; just thoughtful positioning can create an exciting image. Remember that black and white photos make colors pop, so don’t be afraid to add a pop of color here and there!

Get Technical With Light

Lighting is so crucial to any good self-portrait. What’s great about taking a black and white self-portrait is that you can use lighting to manipulate your appearance, emphasizing certain features in shadow or dim light. Try out a few different poses, then move around until you find something you love! 

For example, when shooting my black and white self-portraits, I like to place myself in front of a window with bright sunlight. The sun creates a stunning rim light on my face while also creating gorgeous shadows across my body. 

Create Movement

For your black and white self-portrait, try moving around with your camera. Perhaps take ten shots at once of you in different locations or doing other things so that you can layer them together later. If you can't visit a portrait studio, enlist a friend to help out. 

Even though you're working in black and white, paying attention to lighting is essential. It helps create movement in an otherwise static picture! You could also use a tripod if you're shooting solo (especially helpful if it's windy). 

It will impact your final photo as any other element—and more than color! A soft light source from behind is ideal because it illuminates details without making shadows too dark.

Play Around With Angles, Lines, Shapes, Patterns, And Structure

Black and white is a great way to push yourself to take risks with your imagery. When there’s no color distracting you, focus on other elements that do most of your storytelling. 

Also, remember that a black and white self-portrait doesn’t have to look severe or stark—play around with angles, lines, shapes, patterns, and structure so you can create some unique images! 

Make sure you get interesting shots of your clothes (like buttons or pockets). If you want to use props, be careful not to overdo it—if you’re shooting in black and white, less really is more.


The key to creating amazing Black and White Portrait Photography is all about lighting. The proper lighting can make even an average photo look like a masterpiece—while poor lighting can turn even the most exciting subject into an ugly mess. 

For those who are just getting started, we hope that these 8 tips will help you create stunning self-portraits with ease. By following these tips and adapting them to your unique style, you’ll ensure that every black & white picture you take is one to treasure. You can even use the blemish remover from VanceAI to further beautify unwanted flaws of black and white portrait images. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some faqs about black and white portrait photography.

How Does Black And White Photography Affect The Mood?

It’s always an interesting experiment to take a picture in color and then convert it to black and white. The first thing you’ll notice is that some colors get eliminated, but others might get intensified—it depends on how much detail there was in your photo in the first place. 

Some colors might look washed out or muted, while others pop forward. For example, when converted to black and white, bright red lips lose their boldness; likewise, dark clothing can look almost black instead of dark gray.