How to generate passport size photos with 123passportphoto?

Passport photos are extremely important for people that visit other countries, for instance, travelers, businessmen, or overseas students. Applying for a passport is often a lengthy process. Usually, it might take weeks to urge your passport. the wants for passport photos are super strict. And these requirements for various countries vary from one another. Sometimes, people may get frustrated by these rules.

While because of the event of AI technology, now you'll generate passport size photo online with an AI-based passport photo maker. It can an excellent lifesaver if you've got been bothered by the complicated photo editing process.

Passport photo maker tools can provide you with the right sort of passport photos. you only got to upload your portrait and it can generate passport size photo in only one click. Besides, this online passport photo maker is additionally available for other freemium features.

Here is a guide to how to generate passport size photo with 123passportphoto.

Step 1: Go to 123passportphoto website and select country.

Step 2: Now you can select your photo from your files and upload it to this website.

Step 3: In this step, the website will provide you with a space and you need to crop your photos to fit it into the space, then click “Next”.

Step 4: Choose the best photo in this enhancement step. It provides 5 enhancement photos. Just choose your favorite one.

Step 5: Then we come to the final step, which is to download the passport photos for printing.


This article provides a guide to how to generate passport size photos with 123passportphoto. This website has been around for a short time but has been consistent in its results and performance. Furthermore, you'll not only generate passport size photo online but also make visa photos also as photos for other important documents as per the country you decide on. For instance, if you select your country like the USA, you can make photos for the DV lottery, green card, visa, and passport.


Can you take a passport photo with your phone?

You may snap your passport photo with an iPhone, Android device, or other smartphones. When taking the photo, make sure you follow all of the rules, which include using a white backdrop, proper lighting, and enlisting the help of a buddy (selfies are not allowed). And you may deal with your photos taken at home by the online passport photo makers and get a formal passport photo.