How to Post on Pinterest


Pinterest is an amazing online platform for showcasing your creativity as well as for marketing. You can use a online photo enhancer online and then post your images in an orderly fashion. In this guide, we will look into Pinterest and how to post something on Pinterest with proper steps. Not to mention that you can find the steps on how to post a pin on Pinterest below as well.

What is Pinterest and Why Would You Want to Use It?

What is Pinterest, really? For starters, Pinterest is one of the most popular websites that can be considered as somewhat of a social media platform. However, what makes Pinterest standout from other websites such as Facebook or Twitter is the fact that Pinterest is heavily focused on visuals. It’s theme, user base, and design all point toward aesthetics. As a user, you will most probably have your most creative photos on Pinterest, which makes image-enhancing tools such as VanceAI Image Upscaler and VanceAI Anime Upscaler a must. Once you know how to post on Pinterest, you can steadily create your own library of products, designs, and ideas.

How to Post on Pinterest?

Now let’s see how to post things on Pinterest. The two most common things to post are Pins and Pictures.

How to Post a Pin on Pinterest?

By Pinterest Pins, we usually mean an image or an idea posted on Pinterest. When it comes to the question of how to post a picture on Pinterest, it can also refer to a Pin. 

  1. The first thing you’d need to do is access the Pinterest website. Once there, either create an account or login. Next, you will see the plus sign on the screen as shown in the image. Click on it and choose the Create a Pin option. 

how to post on Pinterest


  1. Before you actually upload the image, you can add important details about it in the sections given. This is really useful for the times where you will be creating fresh ideas from the Pins you’ve made. You can add details such as the title of the image, what it is about, etc. Additionally, you can also add Alt text as well as a destination link, if given. 

how to post on pinterest step 2

  1. Finally, you can click on the Save button given above to apply your Pin or image. 

How to Post a Picture on Pinterest?

The process of how to post pictures on Pinterest is similar to Pins, hence pretty easy once you get to know. 

  1. You can once again start by logging into your account from the Pinterest page and use the plus sign on the screen. Similar process even if you are using a mobile device. 
  2. Click on the Pin option to access the details page. This is where you can use the upload option for uploading photos and media. When it comes to uploading, you can either select an image from your local device or simply drag and drop the image on the upload function.
  3. Finally, you can click or tap on the Save button to store the image on the website in your Gallery. You can also Pin it to save it in your collections or Boards.


Once you figure out how to post a picture on Pinterest and its overall UI design, Pinterest can be an amazing tool for you to gather ideas as well as market them in front of a large audience. Pinterest is one of the most used platforms daily and is mentioned regularly with the likes of Facebook and Instagram. It is also a really well made website and app with less outages and bugs. Not to mention that it has a vibrant community with whom you can interact freely for exchange of ideas. 


1. How do you post on Pinterest?

You can easily use Pinterest whether on desktop or on mobile. You simply have to login with your account and click on the plus sign given. There, you can select the Pin option and work on it. You can either add a destination link or upload directly. You can also add details about your Pin or image. Click on Save to apply changes.

2. How to post something on Pinterest?

You can post something or any image on Pinterest by making use of the plus button or function. You can add details about your uploaded pictures such as adding a title, alt text, destination link, and more. You can also add your content under a Board, collecting them all together. Finally, using the Save button will save your progress. The good thing is that all features are accessible from the common plus sign given in the website.