Top Five Online Passport Size Photo Makers Review

Passport size photos hold the key to your future, whether it be university admissions, marriage registration, or posing for your next visa, passport size photos are everywhere.

The world has come a long way in adopting the use of technology in every field but taking photos that could readily be used to make passport size photo online was still lacking behind.

Thanks to the nearly unlimited power of AI this has now become a reality. You can now make passport size photo online with AI using innovative passport photo maker tools that make life much more easier and convenient.

Passport photo maker tools can take in any regular photo that you click using your phone and convert it into the perfect portrait shot with a single tap. Passport photo maker software are generally free to use but the freemium features on some of these tools bring a ton of excellent features thanks to AI.

If you’re wondering how to make passport size photo online with AI passport size photo maker tools or the simple free online passport photo maker tools, this guide is for you. We’ll discuss the top passport photo maker tools and will highlight what they bring to the table. So without further ado, lets get started.

Top Five Online Passport Size Photo Makers 

1. VanceAI Passport Photo Maker

VanceAI passport size photo maker is one of a kind photo editing tool that employs the power of AI to bring out the best in your photo and make it into a passport size photo. This passport size photo maker is a simple solution for everyone who needs a passport size photo.

VanceAI free online passport photo maker will accept any photo with a random background and removes its background. In addition, you get the power to select any color as the background photo.

Make passport size photo online with AI seamlessly by navigating to VanceAI tools and witness the power of AI in action. The photo conversion into passport size takes only seconds and your final image will look like a professional shot from a seasoned photographer without any money being spent.

VanceAI also brings a ton of other tools that employ AI to make photo editing easy and simple making it an excellent AI passport size photo maker.


  • Free to use - Limited Functionality
  • Easy to use interface
  • Ad-free results
  • You can make passport size photo online with AI within seconds


  • Some features are only offered in the premium version 

2. 123 passportphoto

123passportphoto is another popular passport photo maker service that offers converting your usual shots into passport size photos effortlessly. You can opt for this passport size photo maker if you want to crop or completely remove the background.

Sadly, the tool isn’t free even though it is not an full AI passport size photo maker. It can improve the shots quickly and offer various different options when exporting the photo.

There is a catch though, you can simply share your processed photo to social media and avail the one time option of using 123passportphoot as a free online passport photo maker.

Again, if you’re looking to make passport size photo online with AI for free then 123passportphoto would be a pricey option. The quality and accuracy of the tool helped us pick it as a good passport size photo maker.


  • Simple to use
  • Minimalistic UI and UX


  • Pricey for the unrefined experience 

3. Idphoto4you

If you’re looking for an experience that gets the job done without AI and is truly a free online passport photo maker, then idphoto4you is the best choice for you. Founded back in 2004, the tool offers a seamless experience that isn’t too fancy but can get passport size photos for most popular sizes.

Each screen is self-explanatory and you can adjust the photo as needed as the final screen offers both brightness and contrast adjustments.

This tool isn’t for people who want to make passport size photo online with AI as the edge detection isn’t up to our liking. The website uses ads to fund the process so you can enjoy a free experience.


  • Free Online passport photo maker
  • Easy to navigate and understand


  • The edge detection isn’t accurate 

4. Idphotodiy

Idphotodiy is another excellent passport photo maker tool that can predict edges and detect them in a seamless manner. The whole experience is simple and it gets the job done with ease.

The website is very basic but you shouldn’t be deceived by its looks as it performs just as good as any of its much more expensive counterparts. You start by selecting the country you want your passport size photo for and go through the simple steps that follow.

You’ll be asked to select the variation as the tool extracts your photo from the background and asks you which color you would like as the backdrop. The functionality of this passport photo maker is simple and it gets the job done. The tool can make passport size photo online but the AI is not perfect in implementation as edge detection isn’t too accurate.

If you’re looking for a free online passport photo maker then the IDPhotoDIY isn’t for you as you’re asked for a hefty sum when checking out. The won’t let you access the processed photo without the payment.


  • Replaces background with white effortlessly
  • Edit and crops picture according to the requirements of different countries
  • User friendly interface


  • Lacks Al to crop the photo to perfection
  • Pricey

5. Freepassphoto

Freepassphoto does as the name suggests is a free online passport photo maker and can process high quality passport sized shots, but there is a catch.

It does have all the photo sizes required in different countries but only offers the power to crop the photo for free. If you want to extract the image and replace the background, it requires a payment.

The whole process of this passport photo maker is simple; you simply browse to the passport photo maker tool’s homepage and upload your photo. The following screen will offer options to either crop or remove the background. You also get to email yourself a copy effortlessly on your email address.

If you already have a clear professional shot and want to make passport size photo online then freepassphoto can be of indispensable help. But if you want an AI passport size photo maker, then you’ll have to go for other options like VanceAI.


  • Shares tips to click a perfect passport photo
  • Free online passport photo maker - No hidden charges
  • Different size options according to the country chosen


  • Does not guarantee for the approval


If you’re looking to make passport size photo online without having to go to a photo studio, all the above platforms offer commendable services. VanceAI takes the lead thanks to its innovative use of AI and provides the perfect platform to tweak photos.

AI passport size photo maker not only creates the perfect portrait but is also one of the best passport photo maker online.

You can use any of the above passport photo maker tools to get that flawless passport size photo with the background of your choice. So, what are you waiting for? Visit the top passport size photo maker and let the magic begin.