Best Way to Digitize Old Photos

Did you always wish to preserve your old photographs but didn’t know how? Well, you are at the right place because I'm going to tell you all about how you can quickly back up and conserve old pictures by converting those to digital files.

Digitalizing photos is a relatively new helpful way to conserve your old favorite pictures. Today, a lot of free programs are available online. VanceAI Colorizer is an excellent software to digitalize photos for free using the latest AI techniques. By automatically repairing old, faded photos, the software has managed to bring smiles to the faces of thousands of people. Thrilled to know more? 

How To Colorize Digitized Old Photos with VanceAI Photo Colorizer?

To colorize photo online with VanceAI Photo Colorizer, you need to follow a few simple steps:

Step1: Open the software and click the “Upload” button. Select your desired photos and upload them.

Step 2: Adjust the settings and click “Start to Process” to start the process. Now, all you have to do is sit back and let the software work its magic.

Step 3: Download the colorized picture and enjoy.

Must-Know Tips Before You Digitize Photos 

Before you start digitizing photos online, you must know the following tips. Without these, things might get a little out of hand.

Preparing the images- Arrange all your printed images before you start the process of digitizing them. Select the photos you want to digitize, organize them according to the events and, delete any copies of the chosen photographs. Organizing is necessary since you don’t want to make a massive, jumbled-up mess. Do you?

Scanning- You must scan the selected pictures before you digitize them. Make sure to use the best available scanner. Why? A Low-quality image scanner means low-quality digitized pictures and we do not want that at all. 

Check for available storage- Always check how much space do you have in your gadget before you start digitizing photos. Less space means fewer digitized pictures. After all, we don’t want the process to stop without reaching the end. Do we?

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How To Digitize Photos with Apps

1. Google PhotoScan 

Google PhotoScan is the best way to digitize old photos. While placing genuine, life-like colors to automatically cropping, enhancing, rotating, and getting the picture ready in seconds, this app has everything you want to bring your photos to life.

All you have to do is scan your old pictures with the app. You would have to align your phone with the picture and match the four dots. Until the dots turn blue, all the bright parts and glares get eliminated. How amazing! 

The app generates the digitized photo in less than a minute. Simply tap save all and all photographs will be saved in your camera roll. Also, guess what? This app is totally free to use. TRY IT NOW!

2. Photomyne

Photomyne is the quickest and most convenient app to convert photos into interactive digital records and distribute them to others. Install now to experience the wonder of cutting-edge Artificial intelligence combined with good scanner activity.

All you have to do is scan the picture until the circle in the middle becomes red. The picture will get colorized in less than a minute. How thrilling is that! Watching the photos transform within seconds.
Photomyne is incredible since you can transform a whole album speedily. Along with fast speed, this app auto-detects pictures and does all the necessary changes like cropping, rotating by itself. 

What are you waiting for? Download now and enjoy colorizing hundreds of photos for absolutely free!

How To Digitize Your Old Print Photos with Scanners?

Another way to digitize your old photos is by scanning them with a scanner. It is easy to do it hence can even be done by yourself. How great! Right?

All you have to do is buy a scanner. Now, there are a variety of scanners available, but you will have to choose according to your budget of course! Scan, save, share, and enjoy!

How To Digitize Photos with Your Smartphone?

One way to digitize family photos is using your phone’s smart camera. Yes, you heard it right!
Scanning with your phone is perfect if you are looking to take a more budget-friendly approach.
Just capture away your favorite old photo and save it in your “photos” or “camera roll”. You can even transfer these photos to your laptop or computer. Enjoy by sharing them with your friends and family!

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Isn’t it amazing to relive the memories of the past? The joy of digitalizing and colorizing the old photos and meeting your great-great-grandmother!

These pictures, in turn, will be right there, adding colors of memories to our lives. Remember, sharing is caring! So don’t forget to send these on and spread them around to get smiles of happiness. Also read: Enhance Old Photo by Restoring Color with Colourise


What is the best way to digitize old photos?

With so many options available to digitize old photos, it sure is hard to find the best one.
However, if you are looking for good quality digitized pictures, you should use a scanner, or a scanning app. Just scan the photographs and save them on either your hard disk or laptop/PC to secure them.