Enhance Old Photo by Restoring Color with Colourise

Enhancing old photos can be a headache for many of us. Old black and white photos were taken years ago and that means they can be faded easily. Thanks to the breakthroughs in a smartphone camera, you can digitize old black and white photos from photobooks and enhance their color with Colourise.com.


Official Colourise is an AI photo colorizer that allows you to enhance old photos by restoring their original color based on algorithms.

Perhaps the colors added to black and white photos are not 100% accurate since it’s almost impossible to predict the original color of your images. However, the enhanced old photos can be more appealing to our eyes with modern color.


How to enhance an old photo by restoring color with Colourise

Step 1: Go to Colourise.com and click “Start Now”

step 1

Step 2: Drag and drop an image to Colourise uploading page


Step 3: Wait a couple of seconds before Colourise restores colors in your image


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Enhancing old photographs also involves removing stains or scratches from the images. Colourise.com is not a compressive tool for fixing old photos. Instead, it is a dedicated tool for restoring colors in old black and white photos.

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