Best 7 Selective AI Picture Colorizers Review

In this post, we will look at the 7 best picture colorizers that allow you to colorize digitized old pictures in one click. And AI is behind these picture colorization tools. If you want to colorize black and white photos effortlessly, you cannot miss them. 


7 Best AI Picture Colorizers 2021     

Official Colourise is a new picture colorizer that you can use to add natural and modern colors to old pictures. Powered by AI, this picture colorizer allows you to make it in just one click. Just upload a black and white picture and then wait about 10 to 30 seconds. This AI colorizer will automatically add colors to pictures 100% automatically. In addition, it is free to use and you are not going to see any watermark on the results.

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  • Colorize black and white pictures effectively using advanced algorithms
  • Free online picture colorizer
  • No watermark 


  • Lack of editing features for customizing effects


2.Vance AI Photo Colorizer

Vance AI Photo Colorizer provides an AI picture colorizer online that lets you do the work in seconds. It is fun to play with. You can upload a black and white family picture or landscape photographs to this picture colorizer. It claims to protect your privacy by deleting the pictures you upload in 24 hours. Thanks to deep learning and AI algorithms, this webapp outputs greater results than most tools online. 


  • Colorize picture quickly online  
  • Deep-learning based tool
  • An effective black and white picture colorizer
  • Offer free trial 


  • Not 100% free to use 


Algorithmia is another best AI colorizer that colorizes your black and white pictures automatically. It has a simple interface. Just click “Colorize it” and this AI picture colorizer will help you out in seconds, which depends on the size of your picture. Yet, this AI tool is not that stable. It failed to colorize picture occasionally and the colors are weird through my tests. Compared to Official Colourise, Algorithmia is less accurate in colorization effects.




  • Colorize black and white pictures effectively using advanced algorithms
  • Free to use



  • Unstable performance
  • Show watermark of Algorithmia

4.MyHeritage Incolor

MyHeritage Incolor comes with an intuitive and sleek interface. This AI picture colorizer allows you to colorize black and white pictures online quite accurately. Using advanced AI colorization technology from DeOldify, the picture colorizer has learned to recognize the objects in black and white pictures before colorizing them.

Free users are allowed to upload and colorize up to 10 images for free. But the colorized pictures you get under the free version will have a watermark. It requires you to upgrade the plan so that you can remove the watermark of MyHeritage logo.  

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  • Turn black and white pictures to color
  • Enhance black and white pictures automatically 


  • Show watermark 


5. Hotpot AI

Hotpot AI claims to auto colorize a picture with DeOldify and proprietary enhancement techniques. This AI picture colorizer works best with old pictures that have few scratches or blemishes. Unlike the previous AI picture colorizers listed, Hotpot AI does not offer a web-based app for you to colorize black and white pictures directly online. Instead, you could only access the service using its API, which is now in open beta. The downside of this tool also includes the fact that you need to spend 1 dollar to remove the watermark in the colorized picture. It is not suitable for common users.





  • Colorize black and white pictures with AI  
  • Adjust colorization factor


  • Not easily accessible

6. Image Colorizer


Image Colorizer is an online platform that focuses on colorizing old pictures. It also comes with downloadable software for Windows and macOS. Although it is a pretty great tool, it has similar problems as all the aforementioned colourizing tools. Most notably, it is not very accurate and often miscolours parts of human skin or background, especially around the edges. In addition, this tool does everything automatically, but it is not free. To get more credits, you have to sign up for a subscription.


  • Beautiful interface
  • Advanced AI
  • Available for desktop


  • Not free
  • Not accurate

7Photo Glory


Photo Glory is a free and intuitive picture colorization process that only works on Windows. It colorizes black and white pictures, removes stains, tears, and scratches, and also restores washed out and faded colors. If you choose to do so, Photo Glory will also add stylized labels and date stamps. In addition, you can enhance picture clarity, contrast, and saturation, or straighten tilted images and damaged edges.


  • Free
  • Great variety of tools
  • Works well


  • Only for Windows
  • Needs to be downloaded


Of the best 7 picture colorizers in this review, tops them all in that it is easy to use and more accurate than its alternatives. MyHeritage is also your top choice but you need to prepare some budget.

The AI picture colorizers in this review won’t be 100% accurate because their algorithm models are based on their large database. Hence, they may fail to predict the exact color. For example, the original color of a bag in an old picture might be red but is changed into yellow with AI-powered picture colorizers. But they will be of great help when you need a base color for reference. Then you can try more powerful software to colorize pictures more accurately.

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